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Learning and recalling new vocabulary could be faster, easier, effective, and fun with some tactics. Write down the word in the center of a paper. Now draw lines from it like a spider’s web. At the end of each line draw or write something connected with the word. All these will get connected in your mind.

Another one is to write the word, and add a few words before and after it. For example, if the new word is haughty, write something like “the short, haughty foreigner”.

Draw small images that convey the word’s meaning. Your brain will understand and catch that visual information briskly. When there are too many new words to learn, make a crazy story with those. Now repeat the story, surprisingly you will be recalling all those words.

Recycle the prefixes, suffixes and roots of the word to guess its meaning. This will store the word in your brain. For example, the word “microbiology” has its prefix as “micro”, suffix as “ology” and body as “bio”. Micro means small, bio means living things, and ology means a subject. Thus microbiology is the study of small living-things.


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