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Delhi-based Pearl Academy Denies Closing its Centres

The Undergraduate Grants Commission (UGC) had asked Pearl Academy to shut down all operations at its centres in Noida, Mumbai and Jaipur after several complaints were filed against it for tying up with Nottingham Trent University, Britain. A notice was issued under the definition of the UGC Act 1956, which said that Pearl Academy is not authorized to give out any degree, either in collaboration with a foreign university or in a standalone mode. At first, the academy denied receiving any such notice, but admitted to it later. According to an e-mail sent by the academy, the notice only inquired about their relationship with NTU. It did not mention anything about the closure of its centres. The claim that the academy has been misleading the students is false. Sharad Mehra, CEO of Pearl Academy, has said that his institute is outside the sphere of the UGC Promotion and Maintenance of Standards of Academic Collaborations between India and Foreign Educational Institutions Regulations 2012.

The Hindustan Times

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