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Indian students need more varsities for higher education

The new education policy that is likely to be submitted this week could unveil a roadmap that may transform higher education institutes into centres of excellence. Having said that, as per media reports, every year 2,00,000 students take admissions in foreign universities for reasons which range from fewer seats at premier Indian institutes to substandard academic institutions in the country. The gap, between the entry point at primary level and those opting for higher education abroad is said to be lack of quality education at primary and middle-school level. Estimates show in the coming five years, the number of students opting to study in foreign land is expected to grow from 26 million to 40 million. Also, by 2020 India will need another 700 universities for 14 million students. This will be in addition to over 700 universities and 40,000 colleges we have, as of today. Educationists have time and again expressed concern over lack of funding and innovation in primary education in India. Even after being the backbone of higher education, it grimly remains a neglected sector. The situation is worse in villages and government schools where dropout rates are high and motivation to join school is low.The foundation has to be right and there should be adequate educational institutes in the country to stop these students from stepping out of the country.

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