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Banana Supply Is At Great Risk


Banana which is known as the world’s leading fruit can be wiped out globally claimed a study. Analysts have warned that the danger might be coming from a compound called Sigatoka.


 Sigatoka is created by three fungal diseases, which can blank out the entire supply of banana within a decade. The lethal combination of different fungi infections, include three various diseases such as yellow sigatoka, eumusae leaf spot and black sigatoka.


The problem seems to be fast growing. This is affecting the quality of banana that reduces the production of the fruit causing premature ripening. Moreover the researchers have also showed their concern towards the image-problem of banana where most consumers think it will be easily available.


As per the study by University of California, this fast growing risk can affect India’s banana production as India is among the 10 major producers worldwide.


Hindustan Times

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