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Benefits of Grapevine Communication Enjoyed By an Organization

As we all know that human beings are social creatures who crave to communicate. Communication can be performed via touch, speech or gestures. In organizations and the whole corporate world, grapevine communication is understood as a channel of business and social communication. It got its name because just like a vine, grapevine communication stretches throughout the organization in all possible directions regardless of following any hierarchy levels.

When employees try to interact with each other, then the informal channels are developed. Grapevine Communication is extremely useful to function as a supplement to formal channels of communication. It is direct and travels more quickly than other channels. It is present within all levels of employees of any organization. Grapevine Communication somehow brings a sense of belonging to employees and managerial staff. It is powerful in creating corporate identity and building teamwork. The communication done via grapevine system holds core of truth.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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