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Big Cats at Higher Risk, Warned Scientists

According to a recent research by the scientists, the number of big cats has gone down due to prey loss. A research has been done by the researchers from the Oxford University in the UK. It is being investigated that animals which are alive today are on an average of 25 per cent of their preferred prey species, which still remain across their former natural ranges. Additionally, the majority have been destroyed, partly due to human pressure, stated the scientists. The large cats include sabre-toothed cats, the cave and the American cheetah.

The researchers used the data based to evaluate whether a similar decline in the availability of prey species now could affect some of the worlds most well-known big cat species.

The scientists discovered that if the prey species within big cat natural ranges were to get wiped out, only 39 per cent of the African lions prey and 37 per cent of Sunda clouded leopards would remain.

The scientists have also warned that if this prey loss tendency continues, it will pose a high risk of extinction to these two big cat species in particular.

Content: Hindustan Times

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