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Brain Stimulation; a Boon for Children with Learning Difficulties

Maths is something that most of the children find challenging and thus it’s become essential to help those with difficulties to learn better. The learning capacity of children depends upon the different educational and cultural backgrounds, and the developmental conditions. Now-a-days a technique called deep brain stimulation (DBS) is being offered for children with primary dystonia, a type of movement disorder in which wrong brain signals cause involuntary muscle contractions in mind. It’s a famous technique for the treatment of many movement disorders in adults.

However, it is warned that there may be complications due to DBS in children. This method is suggested to improve the performance of children with mathematical learning difficulties. Experiment was done on some children and was found effective in improving learning skills; however, it is also warned that it is not full-proof technology because research is still going on in this regard.

This technique may have some psychological side effects on children depending upon the difference in age group. It may have an adverse effect on the typical abilities of children of different culture. Brain stimulation is more effective in adults than in children. But still it has so many advantages in the way of improving in learning and numerical training of kids. But it’s advisable to apply it with due care.

Anita Aishvarya


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