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Brake Dust: A Serious Health Hazard for Children

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have found that how fine metal emissions from brakes and other automotive systems forms a cloud in the air and stay suspended in the busy roadways. It has created a lot of respiratory health issues amongst different age groups of people.  

Metals such as copper, iron and manganese are emitted from vehicles and build a chain or a link with acidic sulfate rich particles found in air and thus forms a poisonous aerosol. Though these metals are insoluble at the emission stage but soon become soluble after bonding with sulfate particles. This insolubility allows it to be inhaled by humans and causes oxidative stress in their bodies.

Apart from brakes and tires dust, the other sources to suspend dust are incinerators and various combustible substances going through the same process with sulfate. In recent years, though vehicular tailpipe emissions decreased but still paving way for another issue of emissions from electric car brakes. A serious and sustainable solution is need of the hour in order to maintain a disease free lifestyle. As once your “Lungs go black, they never go back!”



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