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Bricks from Martian Soil: New Method by Scientists

Recently the scientists have invented a new method that will make it easy to settle on Mars. As per the scientists, they have invented a recipe through which the planet's red soil can be transformed into bricks without an oven or additional ingredients.

The scientists have stated that this recipe will allow them to create bricks while applying pressure to compact the soil. Additionally, this action will be equivalent of a blow from a hammer, said the scientists.

The research was authored by a team of engineers and led by Professor Yu Qiao at the University of California San Diego and was funded by NASA. The scientist has also added in an interview that he will be obliged to be a brick maker for those who go to Mars. Moreover, he said, the people who land on Mars are brave and they will be pioneers.

NASA scientists have stated that the proposals to use Martian soil to build habitats for manned missions on the planet are not new. However, this is the first time that the scientists show astronauts would need minimal resources to create these habitats.


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