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CBSE Mandatory Disclosure Order to Schools

Currently, CBSE has ordered all the schools coming under the Central Board of Secondary Education to disclose their Information publicly. As per the orders, schools across India have to disclose information related to schools on their website.

Earlier the Board has simply advised this term to several schools, but this time the Board has made it mandatory for schools. According to the officials of the board, the schools have to upload their information on their website to keep the system more transparent.  The officials also added that "mandatory disclosure," ensures school's expenditure on facilities and compare it with the fee collected by the school.

Additionally, the order will also allow the parents to know about Wi-Fi facilities and the number of training sessions attended by teachers. The school managements are against the mandatory disclosure order of the CBSE. The school managements think that the CBSE is overstepping its authority. They have also written to Central Board of Education by asking them about their authorities and intention behind the orders.


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