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CBSE Math’s Paper to Get New Pattern in 2017


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a statement on 17th August, 2016 about the difficulty level of the mathematics paper for the upcoming year’s Class XII board exams. The board stated that there will be more easy and difficult questions and less of average questions.


For the past two consecutive years Class XII mathematics paper was of very difficult level and due to this representation was made to the board from students, parents and the school to address the issue.


In the fresh design for the paper the board has increased the marks for ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’ level questions by 5% each, at the same time marks of ‘average’ questions has been decreased by 10%. The new paper will also have less number of ‘very short’ and ‘short’ answers as well as less marks for the ‘value-based questions’. The paper will be of 100 marks.


According to the new notification, the long format questions have been divided into two categories- four marks questions and six marks questions. Now the long answer questions will be six with three choices. The short answer question has been reduced to four and will now carry two marks.


The teachers said that the new pattern is student friendly and an average student will be able to score high. 

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