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Chances of Water Discovered at TRAPPIST-1

Scientists are in search of water and other livable conditions on other planets since a long time. Taking one step ahead, scientists have discovered that planets around the fainted red star,TRAPPIST-1, which is only 40 light-years away from Earth, may have a good amount of water. This particular star was discovered in 2016.

However in 2017, it was found that there are nearly 7 planets in the solar system of almost same size as that of earth. The TRAPPIST-1 planets are so close to each other that makes it possible to interfere with each other due to gravitation. When they pass in-front of the star, they shift a little. The entire research is done with the help of computer model that makes the finding more accurate. After analyzing the densities along with the use of models of planets, it is found that TRAPPIST-1 planets are not barren rocky only. The results are very much positive that they contain a significant amount of volatile material, probably it is water. That volatile material is spread upto 5% of the mass of the planet. If that is compared with the mass of the Earth, we know that earth has only about 0.02% water available. There is TRAPPIST-1b that has thicker surface and rocky inside. Scientists are uncertain about TRAPPIST-1d; whereas, TRAPPIST-1 is the only planet that has a denser iron core and that it does not have ocean or ice layer and thick atmosphere.

By: Anuja Arora






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