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Changes in Martian Rainfall Shapes Mars

A Team of scientists has discovered the process of how changes in Martian rainfall shaped the planet. The researcher has shown that heavy rainfall on Mars is responsible for the reshaped face of mars. Additionally, the rain has also carved out river-like channels in its surface billions of years ago.

Surprisingly, changes in the atmosphere on Mars made it rain harder and harder. The effects and changes on the Mars’ atmospheric conditions are similar to what happened on the earth surface, stated the scientists. 

Mars which is known as the fourth planet from the sun has geological features like the Earth and Moon, such as craters and valleys. Moreover, many of the geological features were formed through rainfall. Even though there is a rising body of indications that there was once water on Mars, it does not rain there today.

The scientists have stated that the rainfall was heavy enough to change the planet's surface. For the successful results of their study, the scientists have used methods tried and tested here on Earth. The scientists added that the erosive effect of the rain on the Earth's surface has important impacts on agriculture and the economy.


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