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Changing Habits Are Responsible For Obesity in Students

Gone are the days when students used to play and participate in sports activities. However, today children are more into gadgets, they like sitting, eating, and sleeping instead of playing on the ground. With all these and lack of physical activities makes them fat and they tend to gain weight.

According to a research school children are more liable to put on weight over school holidays in summers. The experts have also added that the students miss their school routine and meal timings. Moreover, their physical activity level falls during holidays. The students are unsupervised in summers as they lead an inactive lifestyle with the availability of many unhealthy snacks and gadgets such as tabs, phones and laptops.

As per the expert, the students find it hard to make a control over their unhealthy eating habits. Not only students, sometimes the adults find it difficult to resist their craving for junk food.  The students also wake up late and skip breakfast; and to compensate for this, they take more of unhealthy food. This leads to weight gain, said the experts.


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