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Check out the Reason behind Stress of Niti Aayog’s VC

India is a country of mixed economy, which enabled the development of the private sector. India is going towards urbanization at a faster rate.

The contribution of the agricultural sector started to decline and the percentage contribution from secondary sector to the GDP of India increased after independence. At the time when Government is trying hard to achieve the goal of urbanization, Niti Aayog’s Vice Chairman, Rajiv Kumar stated today that India should not copy foreign models like that of China for urbanization. He also stressed that India needs to create growth hubs across the country and promote the employment and entrepreneurship. He also said that our country should use fewer resources per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), whether it is materials or environment and must not waste them blindly. Inequitable or unbalanced urbanization does not suit to India. He stressed to the need of revive the old tradition of having strong mayors in cities and build units more powerful. We also need to create growth hubs across the country and also make cities the center of knowledge. He stressed that rather than copying and pasting the urbanization model of other countries India should develop its own that suits to its economy, population and tradition.  He also said that there is a need to create growth hubs all over the country. The making of cities the center of knowledge will make our cities generators of opportunities.

By: Anita Aishvarya




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