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Childhood Program Are Essential For Children’s Academic Success

The child experts have suggested that it is essential to understand the genetic factors that can impact on the children’s school success right from the beginning. Additionally, analyzing the impact of preschool programs on the career and future of the child is also important.

It has been proven that early childhood care and education/intervention programs can extensively enhance children’s prospects for academic success. Along with academic success, early childhood care also helps children at risk for academic underachievement by reducing the chances of referral to special education and grade retention.

The experts have stated that risk factors include poverty, developmental and learning disabilities, belonging to an ethnic minority, etc. Furthermore, the data of cost-benefit analysis have also revealed that early childhood programs demonstrate major return on investment over children’s lifetimes.

Also the early childhood program provides a strong base for literacy development, keeping in mind that poor academic skills are linked with dropping out of school.

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