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Comet 67P’s Surface Undergoing a Lot of Changes

The surface of comet 67P/ Churyumov – Gerasimenko went through a lot of activities. This happened in its recent tour through solar system. This is indicated by images returned from European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission.

University of Colorado Boulder presented this new study where the images showed all superficial activities. Comet’s surface showed that it is full of increased amount of fractures. Along with that ridges are crumbled in it and large rocks are rolling over it. Such movements buried various features of comet’s surface. The study was released in the journal Science. Scientists said comets overdrive and display changes on their surface whenever they approach Sun.

High elliptical orbits of comets make them spent their time in extremely cold outer solar system. When comet approaches Sun, Sun warms the ice on them. Sufficient warmth inside ice causes sublimation. Ice from solid state directly changes into vapor form. This process leads to the changes in the surface of comet.

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