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Consequences of TV or Video Game System in Children’s Bedroom

A new study has been conducted by the Iowa State University that demonstrates the consequences of allowing children to have a TV or video game system in their bedroom.

The study was conducted under the supervision of Douglas Gentile, lead author, and professor of psychology. The professor stated that the location does not matter. However, when there was a TV or video games in the bedroom, children spent less time on other activities such as reading, sleeping which had a ripple effect on several outcomes.

The researcher added that the children did not do as well in school, were at greater risk for obesity and video game addiction. To get the result the researchers tracked these effects over a period of six months to two years, Gentile said.

During the study, the researchers also found that children bedroom media watched programs and played video games that were more violent. This process increased levels of physical aggression, added the researchers. Gentile says it stands to reason that most parents are not completely aware of what is happening behind closed doors.

By: Priyanka Negi


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