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Conversion of Sand into Fertile Soil by Scientists

A team of scientists from Chongqing Jiaotong University, China has successfully converted sand into fertile soil. This has been done with the help of a paste. The paste which has been made up of plant cellulose can help to preserve water, nutrient and air inside sand.


During the research scientists have converted a 1.6 hectare sandy plot into fertile land through the paste. The study showed the new method can be helpful to convert dry areas into ideal home for plants.


Scientists added, “The plants in deserted area needed the similar amount of water as plants grown in normal soil.” Often desert-plants which bear advanced yield needs less amount of fertilizers.


This experiment which was running since 2013 costed between 22,500 yuan and 40,500 yuan (US$3,373 to US$6,071) per hectare according to the team. As per the study plants grown in the new soil can endure various climate conditions such as heavy rain, major temperature etc.

Scientists have stated that this new formula can work as an essential tool to fight the major desertification problem of China.

Hindustan Times

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