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Cotton Exports Expected to Rise Drastically

The recent trade war between US and China is expected to bring a lot of financial gain to the Indian cotton industry. As per the statistics of the last 10 days, the Indian mills have exported more than 1.5 lakh bales of cotton to China. These figures have been confirmed by Atul Ganatra, president Cotton Association of India (CAI).

There are speculations that as soon as the trade restrictions between US and China will become effective, China is expected to shift to India totally for its cotton needs. Ganatra states that there have been continuous enquiries regarding the same, ever since the news got public. Since the begging of the Cotton Year 2017-28 on October 1, 2017, India has exported approximately around 6 lakh bales of cotton to China. Indian exporters are hopeful and are all set to meet the increased demands that are soon expected from China.


By: Anuja Arora






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