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Culinary Skills in Kids Can Gift Them a Healthy Life

A study has revealed that children who learn cooking at an early age of seven to eight can lead a healthy lifestyle. According to a research kids who developed cooking skills right from the early age can prepare more than five meals per week afterwards in their life.


Researchers from Children's Food Trust did a study which showed several British children can not distinguish various vegetables out of which only 10 percents kids could identify the correct vegetables.

As per the study British kids start obtaining culinary skills much later which is the reason behind their minimal knowledge towards food, especially vegetables. On the other hand children in countries like Germany are inclined to start experimenting with cooking at the age of seven.


Rob Rees, of the Children's Food Trust stated that "There has never been a more critical time to focus on getting kids cooking. It's vital we equip future generations with the skills and knowledge to make good nutritional choices and this begins with getting them cooking."


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