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In 1977 Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn introduced particles known as Axions which had imaginary existence. These particles have been in news recently because their existence can clarify the dark- matter. The researchers have calculated the relation between axion and photons. A team of International scientists including Prof. Dr. Horst Fischer from the Institute of Physics, have laid down stringent restrictions to the probability that axions turn into photons.

Since 2003 the search of the axions has been happening. The scientists have aimed the telescope towards the sun every morning and evening for 90 minutes each. This telescope has been developed by the researchers. As per the theory the sun is the only place where the axions are formed. In case these axions are captured by telescope then the magnetic fields can turn them into photons. The researchers can calculate them with very sensitive and exceptionally low noise sensors.

After the axions turn into photos then only can researchers conclude the portions of particles into dark matter. From the data, collected from 2012-2015, the research team has found no confirmation of solar axions. Moreover, they have presented these findings in the latest issue of Nature Physics.


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