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Delhi-NCR Gasps For Breathe Due To Dust Storm

The Delhi-NCR area is once again on the rise of pollution due to storm dusts in Western Part of the country. After Hitting ‘hazardous’ levels in November last year it once raised the pollution level.

Though the pollution in winters is mainly attributed to stubble burning and lack of wind, the dust storm caused due to high winds have greatly effected the pollution level. VK Shukla, the scientist in charge of the Air Lab at the Central Pollution Control Board, told Reuters that the high PM 10 levels in the capital are due to the high wind speeds which have brought dust particles from neighbouring Rajasthan. The real-time air quality index recorded in South Delhi’s RK Puram area breached to the level of 999  whereas above the level of 100 is considered unhealthy by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The average particulate matter 2.5 pollution, which measures particles with diameters that are less than or equal to 2.5 microns in size, is yet to breach the pollution levels it had crossed in winters last year. PM 2.5 can cause severe health complications than PM 10 as smaller particles can enter deeply into our lungs. The average PM 2.5 pollution last recorded was at 284.1 by CPCB.

By: Shruti Anand


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