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Dengue Becoming All Time Issue for People

Aedes mosquitoes show high breeding only during rainy season. Now, aedes and the diseases spread by them are prevalent in all the seasons. Scientists told that it is a man-made issue. It is because of unhealthy activities like large scale construction and poor maintenance of overhead tanks. Both Dengue and chikungunya virus are spread by Aedesaegypti mosquito.

Dr. Neena Valecha is the director of National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR). She said heavy fines should be introduced for breeding of mosquitoes around construction sites and overhead tanks. A pilot project by NIMR found that aedes breeding sites are in overhead and curing tanks. NIMR scientists said that mosquito-borne diseases can be decreased by the participation of community. They just need to put lid over tanks, regular cleaning of water containers, treatment of coolers and curing tanks with temephos and safely dispose solid waste.


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