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Depression: An Increasing Threat

Sadness, feeling down, loss of interest or pleasure in regular activities these are a few emotions one goes through sometimes. But if the ‘sometime’ is swapped with ‘often’ one is gaining the symptoms of Depression. According to a report 7.6 percent of people over the age of 2 have depression in any 2 week period of time. Also, according to WHO, depression is the most common illness in the world and a leading cause of disabilities. Globally 350 million people are affected by depression.

Here are the some traits that make one more prone to mental health disorder particularly Depression.

  • Creativity: Yes! Experts believe that creativity can lead to seeing the world through different eyes that is not always safe. If we talk about some creative minds like Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Wolf they all have something in common that is these are clinically depressed.
  • Introversion: According to a report published in 2002, out of total no. of population suffering from depression 74 percent are Introverts.
  • Gender discrimination: Studies have established that women are prone to depression as compared to men.
  • Millennial: The Z generation as compared to any other generation is more prone to Mental health issues.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences: Bullying, Physical or Sexual abuses etc are root for Mental Health Issues. The impact has been measured in terms of Schinzophernia or Bipolar disorder or Neuroticism.
  • Minority Discrimination: According to a study Trangenders people fit into the minority stress model. Be it sexual, religious or any other kind of minority people facing such discrimination are more prone to Depression.

By: Shruti Anand


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