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Diu Becomes First UT To Run 100% On Solar Power

The harnessing of solar energy has made Diu the country’s first energy surplus Union Territory and a model for an effective way for people to harness this renewable energy source. In just three years, Diu has made rapid progress in solar power generation. The Union territory has an area of just 42 square kilometres. Despite scarcity of land, solar power plants have been installed over more than 50 acres.

Diu generates a total of 13 megawatts of electricity from solar power generating facilities daily. Around 3 MW is generated by rooftop solar plants and 10 MW by its other solar power plants. Diu’s peak-time demand for electricity goes up to 7 MW and we generate about 10.5 MW of electricity from solar energy daily. This is way more than the consumption demand requirement,” Daman and Diu Electricity Department executive engineer Milind Ingle told a national daily.The solar power has also reduced the monthly electricity bills. Previously, the 0-50 units charge was Re 1.20 per unit and 50-100 units was Re 1.50 per unit, now the charges for1-100 units is Re 1.01 per unit. In places like Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana power tariff charges are not less than Rs 4 per unit.


By: Swati Kaushal


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