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Diwali: A Festival of Light

Diwali that is also called as Deepavali, is the festival of lights that is celebrated every year in autumn in the northern India. It is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus. Its spiritual significance is that it is the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. It is said that when Lord Rama has returned from exile, after killing Ravana, then his subjects celebrated Diwali.

In this festival there is no darkness anywhere. It is a tradition to lighten Diya at every nook and corner of house. It is celebrated in the month of Kartik. People clean their homes to worship and welcome Goddess Laxmi. Sweets are made and crackers are burnt. With time this festival has also modified and artificial lights have taken the place of diya and candles. There is a scientific reason of lighting diya that all insects and flies that emerge during rainy season, die due to the flame of diyas. But now we have to tolerate them for a longer period as we avoid diyas.

The most adverse effect of today’s Diwali is that crackers pollute the air very badly. In many parts of the states burning crackers is banned. There are so many cases of skin irritation and burn due to these crackers. Diwali is a wonderful festival. We should maintain its beauty and celebrate it with all tradition and safety.

Content: Wikipedia

By: Anita Aishvarya

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