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Drone by Australian Engineer Will End Deforestation

Due to heated debates around the globe on climate change, environmentalists have been promoting plantation of trees to sustain life on earth. To combat environmental issue, an Australian engineer has developed drones which will plant one billion trees every year.

The lady behind this great idea is Susan Graham who developed drone. The drone itself is capable of scanning best places to grow trees and then sowing seeds into the soil. According to the records of UN, 17 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions are a result of deforestation. It is more than what is accounted by the transportation industry.

It is found that more than a billion trees are sacrificed amid the expansion of civilization. Graham told that this drone can even plant trees in inaccessible areas like side of steep hills. Also we plant 9 billion trees every year with a loss of 6 billion trees. So, this drone will be helpful in covering that loss.


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