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Effective Solution to Reduce Pollution

China has currently come up with an effective idea to reduce pollution from the environment. Since many Chinese cities are facing the worsening environment quality, the country is planning to adopt environment-friendly Plug-in electric vehicles. A group of researchers from the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at Beijing Institute of Technology have studied the current purchase rate of these electrical vehicles.

As per their study sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) are still comparatively low. Moreover, in 2014, the 74,763 NEVs sold accounted for only 0.3 percent of total automobile sales in China as per the data compiled by the scientists.

According to the researchers, China has responsibilities to work on pollution reduction for fossil utilization, thus the scientists have designed an analysis. As per the analysis, the scientists will identify the main factors influencing NEV purchases. The scientists have taken this strong step to improve the air quality and to reduce quantity of fog and haze from the environment.

The researchers have added that the air pollution level have crossed the level recognized by the European Union. Additionally, the scientists have blamed the rapid increase in automobile ownership and usage for the increasing air pollution.



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