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Effects of Digital India On The Education System

Digital India is more like a dream coming true and is affecting all the sectors of the society. Its effect on the education system of India is noticeable and Digitalization is a reason behind the growth of education sector of India from past few years.

Now the education system is not bound only to classrooms or coaching centres, in fact it has successfully merged with the internet and became better serving industry. Because of digitalization education has gone next level. It includes video solutions that offer the students video conferencing, video lessons, video explanation amongst several others. The benefits for the students include engagement of students, making more conducive learning etc. Online education aggregators provide room for more interaction between students as opposed to traditional classroom environments where learning is restricted to a strict time of 30 or 40 minutes. Digital education also gives the students the liberty to study at their own pace, and they can redo concepts in which they have doubts. Thus Digitalization is greatly affecting the education system of the country and is a reason behind the growth.

By: Shruti Anand


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