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Emotions and Feelings Can be Identified

A team of scientists have developed a wireless device that can detect your feeling. The scientists have revealed the potential of this device as it has marked 87 percent accurate results at the time of the experiment on people.


Earlier it was very difficult to identify the fake emotion mask of people, but this device call reveal how someone is actually feeling? The researchers from MIT’s computer science and artificial intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have introduced this useful device and named it EQ-Radio.


Are you thinking how it is really works? As per the creators of the device it measures slight changes in breathing and heart beats that can tell whether a person is happy, anxious or angry without any wires or sensors.


Dina Katabi one of the developer stated that this new technology can be used in entertainment, consumer and health sectors. The team stated this new system can be helpful for people to monitor several diagnose-conditions such as nervousness and depression.


Now the scientists are going to showcase their work by next month at the Association of Computing Machinery's International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom).


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