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Enjoy the Advantages of Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden is the need of the hour of every house. We all have some free space in our houses like balcony, courtyard or terrace which could be easily used to craft a kitchen garden. There are multitudes of advantages of keeping a kitchen garden that can be very beneficial for health.

One of the benefits is getting clean air which is the major problem in city life because of high pollution level. Planting some herbs, flowers, etc. in balcony or courtyard will improve the quality of air. Today, there is a rise in use of fertilizers and chemicals in food. The other important aspect is that herbs in our food detoxify chemicals from our body. The detoxifying plants are lemon grass, coriander/cilantro, mint, tulsi, celery, fenugreek, etc. A well maintained kitchen garden can uplift your mood and makes you more positive. A kitchen garden provides us with a space to explore creativity.

The practice of adopting a kitchen garden keeps one grounded and connected to the elements of Earth. It is a very good activity to energize your aura. Thus, every house should adopt this culture of building their kitchen gardens.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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