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Existence of Hot Hydrogen, Found on Earth’s Climate

Scientists have revealed few hydrogen atoms in the thermosphere. The thermosphere is commonly known as the upper layer of Earth’s climate. The scientists have said that the new finding has changed their previous understanding of the hydrogen distribution. Additionally, the understanding of other atmospheric constituents has also changed because of this new finding, said the researchers.

As H atoms can effortlessly overcome a planet’s gravitational force because of its light weight. Moreover, weight is the factor which allows hydrogen to permanently escape into interplanetary space, said the scientists. According to the researchers, the current atmospheric escape of H atoms is one reason why Earth's sister planet, Mars, has lost the majority of its water.

H atoms play an important in the physics leading the Earth's upper atmosphere. Furthermore, the researchers said the hydrogen helps the societies’ technological assets by serving them as a significant shield. The scientists said Hot H atoms had been seen to exist at very high altitudes. However, the current discovery shows the ‘existence’ as low as 250 kilometers, said, scientists.

Content Source:Hindustan Times


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