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Fabric-Based Sensor Bringing Revolution into Fitness World

A new soft, stretchy fabric – based sensor has been developed by a team of scientists that has the potential to transform any piece of clothing into a fitness tracker. The sensitive sensor moves and flexes along with the person’s body to accurately detect any sort of movement.

The sensor has been developed by using a thin sheet of silicone which is a poorly conductive material. Then this silicone is sandwiched between two layers of silver – plated conductive fabric. The silver part is a highly conductive material.  The sensor sensitizes movement by measuring the changes in capacitance. It can also measure by its ability to hold electrical charge of the electric field between the two electrodes. The sensor will actually bring revolution into the world of fitness.

The sensor will help athletic clothing to track physical performance. It will be used in soft clinical devices to monitor patients in their homes. The sensors will allow new robotic systems to imitate apparel.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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