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Fabric That Can Keep You Cool

Have you ever thought of any fabric rather than cotton that can keep you cool from inside? Scientists from America are focusing on creating a material that could keep the body cool.


This new cloth is a blend of nanotechnology, photonics and chemistry. As a result you will get a material which will not cost you much. Polyethylene which is used to make plastic bags is useful to let infrared radiation pass right through, it also holds in the moisture.


Thus, the scientists have developed a version, called NanoPE. It worked with a purpose of nanostructure that maintained infrared absorbents. It is breathable and can be worn in public as per the scientists.


This plastic based fabric is similar to cotton. It not only helps to evaporate sweat but also allows to get rid of the electromagnetic radiation.


This newly created fabric work by dynamically drawing the moisture away from the skin.

Developer of this fabric has stated that cotton fabric made the skin 3.6 Fahrenheit warmer than the new material.


With the elaboration scientists have also added that wearing this material can work as energy saving device. Currently the researchers are working on the material to make it more attractive to add some colors in it.

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