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Fainting Goats!

These days with use of Whatsapp messages being rampant, we all must have come across with some bizarre events or activities that leave us awestruck. Have you ever come across people scaring cats with cucumbers or perhaps Fainting Goats?

When animals are scared they experience a chemical rush in their sensory nerves triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. This fear triggers most of the animals with a fight or flight response. one of the hypothesis goes that fainting goats often lock-up and it is the result of a cell mutation that slow down them into failing. In other words, instead of responding normally, their muscles clutch up.

These stock of goats are called variedly from myotonic goats to wooden leg goats, Tennessee fainting goats, stiff leg goats, and nervous goats.

The condition is genetic and called myotonia congenita, which result in their muscles to get briefly stiffened when they are startled or perplexed suddenly. Even human beings undergo this similar condition though they do not faint as a response to fear.

This type of breed is commonly found in North America and as their name might signify, they are generally found in Tennessee and neighboring states in the South.


By: Subrata Dey



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