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Few Things Only a Mentor Can Tell You!

Every child has a dream and he/she wants to work on it. However, it is not possible for a child to reach out the best without any help or guidance. A mentor is the only one who can tell a child what to do or what not to do, how to be the best in the chosen field. Moreover, a right mentor can make all the difference and make a career of a student. 

A mentor is like a second parent to the child who helps them to learn new things. Few researches have also shown that when a child dreams of a career he/ she carry very little knowledge about that particular field. That’s where the role of a mentor comes into the picture. A mentor allows the child to understand the world with his/her knowledge and skills.

Additionally, a complete mentoring provides professional, socialization and personal support to facilitate success in passing school and beyond. The experts have also suggested that students who experience good mentoring, have a greater chance of doing well in life and secure a better position or greater career advancement potential.



By- Priyanka Negi

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