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Flu Infection Hikes Risk of a Heart Attack

Like every year, the flu season this year is undoubtedly bad and dangerous. Flu not only gives stress to our bodies but can lead to major diseases as well. Our bodies undergo a sudden fever, pain tiredness etc. during flu but who can think of it turning into heart attack. Yes, it can!

A study in New England Journal of Medicine states that we are six times more likely to have a heart attack within a week of having flu than a year before or after the infection. Scientists say there were 20 instances of heart attacks found within the seven-day period after flu was confirmed. It is believed that there has been some connection between seasonal flu and cardiovascular deaths, but it was never proved. During flu, there's a lot going on in our body like stress, drop in oxygen level and blood pressure that may lead to faster blood clots formation in blood vessels further increasing the risk of heart attack. The flu vaccine is not always helpful in preventing an infection from a flu virus but reduction in the infection may further reduce the risk of heart problems. In USA, currently a lot of flu is leading to increment in the rate of hospitalization. Study and doctors say that people who are suffering from flu and infection must stay at home. Parents must not send children to school and must not go for work themselves to reduce the risk of spreading it more amongst colleagues and classmates.

By: Anuja Arora



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