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Fluctuations of Wind Energy Depends on the Natural Variability of Resources

Scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have explained the turbulence theory. The scientists used turbulence theory combined with experimental wind plant data to explain the statistical nature of wind power fluctuations. Through the research the scientists have said that the energy generated by renewable sources fluctuates depending on the natural changeability of resources.

Nothing is permanent, neither the sun is always shinning, nor is the wind always blowing. However, the conventional power plants must be kept running to produce the energy. As per the research, unlike coal or nuclear, there is no control over the fluctuating production of renewable energy. On the other hand, the grid has no storage. Energy produced by the grids has to be consumed straight away.

Additionally, surges in power generated by wind turbines have been known to overwhelm the electrical grid. This process causes power outages, said the researchers. To stop the issue the operators of huge power plants resort to paying consumers to use electricity on, particularly sunny and windy days. This usability by the consumers helps the operators to balance the supply and demand of energy at the grid during excess power in the system.

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