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Functional Mushrooms is Always There with All Its Goodness

Mushrooms are a well-known and desired part of our dinning. Foodies around the world always explore for best and different food options.

Adding to our menu “functional mushrooms,” which ranked 3 on Whole Foods’ report of the top food predictions for 2018 has become the latest trend. Mushrooms are considered among the healthiest food. Food items like led drinks, coffee, and smoothies to soups, desserts, and even skin and hair products are made out of Mushrooms. It has the ability to boost our immunity system and has an amazing cancer fighting properties. Researches have proved that mushrooms are very much useful in treating many diseases like asthma, allergies and arthritis as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from that Functional Mushrooms has other benefits too. They are low in calories, high in protein, and are good sources of B vitamins, minerals and fiber. In todays busy life schedule, everyone is stressed. Mushrooms have the properties to cop up with stress and reduce its effects. Functional Mushrooms are considered as a good source of energy and nutrients. Functional Mushrooms has so many varieties and more than 2,000 of them are edible. White button, portabella and crimini are the most commonly found mushrooms. They all provide health benefits and are available in our grocery store very easily. There are some more varieties of them like Reishi, Chaga, Turkey tails, Maiitake, Shiitake and Cordycep. We can add mushrooms to our food in various ways like roasting to blending or to cooking it with other vegetables.

By: Anita Aishvarya







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