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Ganan’s Model Explains Formation of Clouds

Every phenomenon occurring around us has a mechanism governing it. Frequent questions that come to our mind such as what causes clouds and rain, what adds distinctive aroma to sparkling wines have answers that are closely related. Alfonso Ganan, a teacher at the University of Seville has come up with an exact model that depicts the origin of these phenomena. He states that these phenomena have originated from a universal microscopic mechanism that occurs on the surface of liquids.

It is known that all liquids contain gases in variable concentrations. The concentration of gases depend upon pressure, temperature to which it is put through. These gases appear as small bubbles on the surface of the liquid. When these bubbles burst, it is seen that tiny droplets expel at great velocity traveling notable distances from the surface of the liquid. Further these tiny droplets give rise to the seed of clouds, i.e tiny grains of salt. These grains shape up the condensation nuclei of the droplets of the clouds on the surface of the sea. The two prime elements described by Ganan’s model are: size, speed of these droplets. Especially in the case of sea it is seen that a reduction in the surface tension takes place due to the presence of pollution on the sea surface.

As a result the model explains a dramatic decline in the production and size of the cloud seeds. This shows us a new harmful human effect on climate.


By- Anuja Arora

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