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Gene Therapy Can Fight Several Allergies

A team of scientists at the UQ Diamantina Institute has successfully 'turn-off' the immune response which causes an allergic reaction in animals. The study was led by Associate Professor Ray Steptoe. The scientists stated that when people have an allergy and asthma erupt, the symptoms they experience results from immune cells reacting to the protein in the allergen.

The scientists found that immune cell is a challenge in asthma and allergies. These immune cells are known as T-cells that build a form of immune ‘memory’ and become very challenging to treatments. The scientists are now been able to clean the memory of these T-cells in animals with the help of gene therapy. This therapy de-sensitizes the immune system to tolerate the protein.

As per the scientists, their work used an experimental asthma allergen. However, the recent research is helpful to fight several allergies to peanuts, bee venom, shell fish and other substances. The scientists stated that they used blood stem cells and insert a gene which regulates the allergen protein and then they put that into the receiver. The manufacturing cell builds new blood cells that express the protein and aim specific immune cells, 'turning off' the allergic response.

 By: Priyanka Negi


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