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Giant Winged Reptile Terrorized Ancient Transylvania

Imagine a flying reptile that has a wingspan of 10 metres, a skull that is half a metre wide, and large muscle masses. This giant is a pterosaur that might have been the most formidable predator that ruled ancient Transylvania. Pterosaurs are flying reptiles that existed in the Cretaceous period millions of years ago.

Palaeontologists studied the fossils of this creature, called Hatzegopteryx, which belonged to the group Azhdarchidae. Other reptiles of this group have characteristic long necks of over 2.5 metres. But Hatzegopteryx is suggested to have a fairly shorter but considerably stronger neck. Dr. Witton, who studied the fossils, suggests that the structure and proportions of this pterosaur indicate that it could have been the most powerful, carnivorous predator in ancient Transylvania.

Studies are yet to find evidence of other large predatory animals, like giant carnivorous dinosaurs, that existed alongside Hatzegopteryx to challenge this pterosaur’s dominance. The features of Hatzegopteryx suggest that it hunted down animals that were too large or strong even for other flying reptiles and giants.



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