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Greener Classrooms for the Rescue

Classrooms play an integral role in the over-all development of a child. The environment of a class matters a lot when it comes to forming a behaviour or opinion about the things in the world.

With the problem of environmental degradation increasing day by the day, the need to inculcate in the students the idea of environment conservation is of utmost importance. One of the solutions to this issue is having greener classrooms. These types of classrooms feature the use of recyclable and reusable stuff. Students can learn about the ways to use sunlight when they see their classrooms harvesting daylight for common use. Installing in schools this system of green classrooms can also help the schools financially as it saves the cost of electricity. 

Studies show that these types of environment friendly classrooms have led students to having higher test grades and reduced health issues. It may be just a small step but if implemented on a global level can help in tackling multiple environmental issues along with benefitting the children both mentally and physically.


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