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GST And Its Impact on Educational Institutes

According to the experts, Indian government needs to think progressively like a business partner to achieve its targets of 'Study in India'. 

The experts stated that the significance of education cannot be destabilized in a country like India, where nearly half of its billion plus population is below the age of 25. Besides, the experts also added that in the near future the country will need to cater to a huge demand for jobs. Additionally, a challenging prospect in an environment could be dominated by robotics and artificial intelligence, as per the data.

There will be an increase in demand for jobs in the field of creative problem solving, analytics and critical thinking. Thus, helping higher educational institutions which can impart cutting edge knowledge, at times in collaboration with foreign institutions, is the need of the hour. Yet, private higher educational institutions are emerging. Moreover, these are forced to continue to operate under the roof of 'not-for-profit'. The GST Council's decision to continue to exempt services provided by educational institutions to its students is a step in the right direction.


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