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Harshvardhan Zala : The Drone Specialist Teen

During the 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Harshvardhan Zala has created history.  The only one name that kept buzzing at the VGGS was his. The 14-year-old child prodigy signed a 5-crore deal with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat.

The boy signed the agreement to facilitate the production of drones which will help detect and defuse land mines on war fields. Harshvardhan has already set up his company called ‘Aerobotics 7.’ The Summit was conducted between 10th and 13th of January, 2017 with the central focus of the Summit being “Sustainable Economic and Social Development”.

Children of Harshwardhan Zala’s age are engrossed with the upcoming board exams, but the smart boy has already created wonders. Zala has been working on his business plan and made three prototypes of the drone which cost him roughly Rs 5 lacs. He started the work on landmine detecting drone prototype in 2016.



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