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Healthy Bacteria Inside Human Body


The scientists from MIT have created a protective layer that can save the healthy bacteria. The team of MIT scientists has produced a plan for delivering wide numbers of beneficial bacterial to the human digestive system.


The protective layer can save the bacteria from the acids and rage salts found in the digestive system in humans. According to the scientists a human digestive system produces over trillions of bacteria.


These trillions of good bacterium help to digest the food easily. Moreover, these helpful bacteria protect the digestive system by fighting against harmful bacteria. The new study has shown that some of these bacteria can also influence human diseases such as cancer, heart attack as well as diabetes.


The scientists have suggested that certain increase in the group can be helpful for the human race. The set of microbiome can also be beneficial to improve human health added the scientists. The researchers have stated that they will use the delivery process after the full understanding of these existing bacteria.




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