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History of Radio is a Must to Be Known by Everyone

Radio in India has played a vital role in establishing a bridge between masses. It contributed heavily in the fight for freedom and after that to unify our vast nation. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose (30 Nov 1858- 23 Nov 1937) demonstrated the radio transmission in 1896 over a distance of three miles.

Radio in India started off as amateur radio and illegal pro Independence stations. First transmission of radio was on 1921 by T.O.I in collaboration with The Post & Telegraph. It was done from rooftop of Bombay office on special request from Governor George Lloyd at Pune. The broadcasting began in June 1923. The British Government took over amateur radio stations in 1930.

On January 19, 1936, first news bulletin broadcast from A.I.R. was done. Indian state broadcasting service was renamed to A.I.R (All India Radio) on 8th June, 1936. In 1939 World War II began and the British set up monitoring services to keep tap on German propaganda. On October 1, 1939, External Service started with Pushtu broadcast. By then All India Radio broadcasted 26 bulletins a day.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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