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How Many for Saturday-No-Bag Day?

A volume can be spoken about the fallacies of the Indian education system which was aligned to meet the need of the Britishers. History claims that India was 100% literate before the arrival of the Britishers; yet it seems as if educationists and all decision makers have turned deaf and maimed towards the need of the generation.

Our whole Indian education system is basically based on memorization and requires long hour of studies. In the rat race of competition, children run after marks as these are the only gateway of admission into big colleges, reputed institutes and jobs and so on.

These days bags are heavier than children and in long-term affect their health adversely. Infact various surveys conducted over the years claims that children carry over 30-40% surplus weight than recommended. In such a context, the idea of a no-bag day has been recommended by the BJP government in UP. Saturdays are recommended to be a no-bag day till standard 12th.  

The mantra of a good education system should be providing a balanced academic aligned more towards the technical aspect of jobs in our country along with co-curricular activities. After all, childhood days are the best days and the fodder for our entire life.

By: Subrata Dey


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