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Human and Natural Systems Together can Grasp Water Scarcity

Water is not only a substance but it is the lifeline of each and every individual on earth. Scarcity of water is a major concern of people as the water level is decreasing day by day.  A new research has shown that if we have to know whether a particular region will suffer water scarcity in the future, then we will have to get the fine-level interactions between nature and people.

According to a study up to 2 billion people face water shortages now and in the future around the world. Droughts have become a very common phenomenon. There are various reasons of water shortage; such as pollution, deforestation, global warming and many more.  Scientists also feel that it is difficult to anticipate the linkages and feedbacks because the interactions between natural water supply and human water demands are very much complex.

The cost of storing and transporting water is too high, that’s why scarcity can occur at specific locations or times. Urban growth and expansion also lead to increased water demand for various purposes. The amount of water consumed by forests, and the water left in the streams to protect habitat of threatened fish species under federal law, is much more than the quantities of water consumed in cities and farms. It is required that economic realities, society's laws and institutions come forward and they can make a big difference in where, when and how severely the impacts will be felt in terms of water.


By: Anita Aishvarya

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